The Spirit of Haida Gwaii

Here we are at last, a long way from Haida Gwaii,
not too sure where we are or where we are going,
still squabbling and vying for position in the boat,
but somehow managing to appear to be heading in the same direction;
at least the paddles are together, and the man in the middle
seems to have some vision of what is to come.
As for the rest, they are superficially more or less
what they always were, – symbols of another time
when the Haidas, all ten thousand of them,
knew they were the greatest of all nations.

There is no lack of activity in our little boat,
but is there any purpose? Is the tall figure who may
or may not be the Spirit of Haida Gwaii leading us, for we
are all in the same boat, to a sheltered beach beyond the
rim of the world as he seems to be, or is he lost in a
dream of his own dreamings?

The boat moves on, forever anchored in the same place.

Bill Reid
from The Spirit of Haida Gwaii Concert
February 2008

Bill Reid